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Video marketing for B2B organizations.

Episodic Corporate Videos


Introduce relevant discussions over time and help your customers build consensus to choose your solutions.

Event Video Content


Feed the "Content Beast"!  Leave every corporate event with 5, 10, or 15 pieces of high-quality video content.

Internal Communications Videos


Craft a consistent look and feel to all of your important internal communications and boost team morale & efficiency.

Product / Service Explainers


Create product & service videos that speak to your customers' needs,  inform,  and drive repeat business.

Video Content Workshops


Learn video techniques using the latest tools.  Full and half-day content creation workshops designed for marketers.

Video Standards Consulting


Organize & streamline your video deployment processes with a formal strategy for content creation & delivery.


With years of experience conducting business interviews, film production, digital content creation

and post-production services, Red Sea provides agency quality at a fraction of the cost.


You can tell a lot about how people think by finding out what books they read and recommend to others.  Here are a few titles that have helped us shape our pitch and facilitate how we implement our video marketing strategies.  If you have read the same books as us recently, there is a good chance we would work together in a more agile and focused way.

Three Value Conversations: How to Create,Elevate,Capture Customer Value...


by Erik Peterson, Tim Riesterer, Conrad Smith, Cheryl Geoffrion

The long title for this book really narrows down the specific tactics that sales and marketing can use to successfully increase the deal size, and continually add value to your customers over time.  The authors do a great job of explaining the modern landscape of complex B2B selling and customer buying.  Because of the complexity and the number of people involved in large, complex sales, they focus on three main areas for sales and marketing to focus their energy.  While all of this information is being handed to you by members of a marketing consulting company, Corporate Visions, at least it is valid information that points sales and marketing people in the right direction to understand how to excel in the B2B selling space.


The authors provide easy to understand information about typical B2B sales cycles and the customers point of view, and a good deal of time is spent on the importance of business acumen when speaking and presenting to the people who hold the purse strings.

Key Takeaway:

Good overview of the modern B2B sales landscape - Great info for marketing and sales people alike.

The Brutal Truth: About Sales and Selling



by Brian Burns

Get inside the mind of successful B2B salespeople by listening to Brian Burns' weekly podcasts!  Brian is brutally honest about what to take away fro the latest "fads" in sales and marketing, and what to ignore!  There are a lot of tactics and advice that sound great, but are in fact totally useless in practice.


The best thing about all this advice? It's FREE!  No conferences, no webinars, no books, no sign ups!  It can't get any more real than this!

Tired of paying for advice!  Listen now to The Brutal Truth!

Key Takeaway:

Ongoing info from the trenches - Invaluable B2B sales info in bite size pieces!

The Maverick Selling Method: Simplifying

The Complex Sale


by Brian Burns

Brian Burns may be a rare breed of professional in the complex B2B selling space.  His short, concise, brutally honest book walks you through the unique landscape that is B2B sales, and is an unconventional primer for anyone trying to better their game in B2B sales.  Brian is a veteran salesperson who has watched and listened to a lot of sales advice given by people who have never actually sold anything (except their advice!).  The author doesn't spend much time making comparisons to different sales strategies, but rather defines the parameters of a complex sale and the strategies he has used and has seen work successfully in his career.  Overall, this is a quick read that can energize any salesperson into taking new actions to separate themselves from their peers in the sales world.


I recommend this book to anyone that wants to understand the mentality needed to sell into new markets, or how to create new markets.

Key Takeaway:

Complex B2B sales advice is best taken by someone who has already done it many times successfully - Period.

The Future of Marketing

by Nick Johnson


Nick runs a marketing research company.  He collects and translates data into insight.  This book is chock full of insight about the fundamental shifts the marketing department in large organizations has undergone.  I absolutely love that Nick leaves you with a "full disclosure" bibliography at the end of each chapter.  If you were to follow the links to these rabbit holes, you would undoubtedly venture far beyond the pages of the book, which is clearly what Nick Johnson has already done.  The best part of the book is towards the end, when he points out a laundry list of tactics that should be examined in order to serve the modern company.  They do not have to be done in order, nor do they all need to be achieved to generate success, which is a more hopeful vision for transformation.  The last chapter deals with Nick's blueprint of the near-future marketing organization, where he adds new roles like Data Translator and Marketing IT Specialist to the org chart.  If anything, this book validates everything I have pitched recently as necessary tactics  - to be more customer-driven, outside-in, and relevant in your companies communication and content strategies.


Buy this book!  Nick has won me over with his brilliant acronym A.R.T. - Authenticity, Relevance, and Transparency  - A great mantra to follow!

Key Takeaway:

There is no going back to Marketing-as-Usual.  Behold the "smart creatives" who run the marketing departments of the future - FYI: These guys Are Good.


B2B sales strategies are vastly different than B2C models. B2B companies with large, complex solutions, have sales cycles that can take months or longer to close.  Add to that a lack of in-house film & photography personnel, and creating compelling video marketing yourself becomes impractical and unrealistic.  Large firms must partner with creative agencies that not only provide high quality creative services, but also understand the sales and marketing challenges that B2B enterprises face.


At Red Sea Visual Productions, we seek out organizations that understand the power of story and the moving image.  We can help with the execution of your business goals.  We are dedicated to helping B2B companies exclusively, and have a proven track record.


- Matt Moses

Founder/Content Creator



Let's get started creating your most successful marketing content to date!  Drop us a message in this form and we can get started immediately.  It costs nothing to entertain a great idea!




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